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performed by  Eric & Tanja Lagerstrom.

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Help the Restoration of Gods People and the Land ! 

Koresh helps the elderly .........

She is one of 192,000 Shoa sur-vivors living in Israel. She survived 4 years in Auschwitz. Throughout her remarkable life, this lady has had an unyielding faith in God. “The only way to explain my survival is that God gives strength to the weary,” she says. 

There are 225 holocaust survivors living in Eilat just like this lady as well as very special survivors, namely the Jewish Russian Veterans of whome there still are 400 in Eilat!


Koresh reaches out to them - read all about it under "What we do/did"....

VOLUNTEERING in EILAT (Paint Homes etc.)

and Koresh helps the young .........

We are happy to announce that simce we began the Pro-Life work in Eilat some 15 babies have been born that would otherwise NOT have been born!


Oscar Schindler said; "Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire....!"

JOIN us on YouTube on Easter Monday 5 April 2021 at 10.30h (Greenwich)

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The Koresh foundation is very thankful

for your generous donations and your

faithfulness in giving for Israel. With your

support we are able to help the most

vulnerable of the Israeli society, single

mothers, the elderly and new immigrants

from the  Ukraine.                        

                                           Thank you!




A.  the needy people in the land, especially to single mothers and new immigrants from the



B.  saving babies through pro-life work in Karmiel, North Israel, and in the South, in Eilat, the Arava Region in the Negev Desert;


C.  holocaust survivors in Eilat and in Galilee.


D,  volunteers from different countries that travel to Israel to help with practical jobs around the homes of holocaust survivors and/or needy people in Eilat. Join them for one week of work and one week of either your own vacation or travel together with other participants.


Groups come and go approx. 3 to 4x per year. Check with us if you are interested and join them!


E. And...on a irregular basis musicians travel to Israel to give free concerts for holocaust survivors, in hospitals, schools, the streets....

What a blessing for them - Comfort, comfort My people.....

Koresh help projects:

Ben & Marijke Werdekker

Bank No IBAN:  NL80ABNA 0589061011


In the name of:  Koresh Selah International

                            The Netherlands

Thank you for praying for the ministry of the Koresh foundation.

If you wish to support us financially, please find our bank account below:

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