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Israel is changing!


A whole page in the Jerusalem Post was dedicated to a book written by Rabbi Avi Field and Ovi Avrahami with the heading: "Who was Joseph?", "Israel cannot exist without Joseph!" And it continues: "Joseph was sold by his brothers into slavery and ended up in Egypt. The story of the 10 brothers is an image of the 10 tribes of the kingdom of Israel that went into exile 2700 years ago and spread all over the world. 

His brothers did not recognize Joseph because he looked like an Egyptian.


Also today there are Jews that wish to return to Israel but are not recognized or acknowledged.

Now in August of this year the Israeli government gave the order to a specially established committee to find out if these people that are interested should get the right of return to Israel.

Since the 10 tribes departed 2700 years ago Judaism could no longer keep the Year of Jubilee, because that would require the return of the 10 lost tribes! Now this might be just that what might happen!! Read Ezekiel 36, 37 and 38.

The return of the House of Judah to the Promised Land began in the Year of Jubilee 1915/1917 when the Balfour Declaration was published.





Anti-Semitism is growing and there are many nations that wish to wipe Israel of the map. But Gods Word in the Tenach (1st Testament of the Bible) promises Israel a land that stretches from the Nile River to the River Eufrates. The God of Israel does not make mistakes!

Many millions of 'lost' Jews and Israelites will be led back into a Thora Covenant with Him, zee Genesis 13:6, Isaiah 4918 and 14:1. Jeremiah 3:18 and Ezekiel 36:24.”




We know from the Word of God that a great new exodus will come (Jeremiah 16 from vs. 14). Now when I look at the anti-semitism in the world today a small exodus has already started.  It is my vision and my dream to play a role for these Jews and for the Land of Israel in this respect.


We have started small and the level where we are working is among the poorest. I trust Elohim that when we are faithful regarding the 'small', He can use us for the 'BIG'.

In the meantime we love to bless Israel with what we are able to do today, we offer comfort and testify of our great GOD!

All volunteers at Koresh have a great passion for building bridges, trust, respect and understanding between Jews and Christians and are eager to contribute to overcoming centuries of troubled history.





Ben Jacob Werdekker





"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May those who love you be secure". Psalm 122:6 



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