The Koresh Welfare and Pro-Life Workers in Israel:

Meet the people that work day and night to fulfil their calling of helping Israelis and bring them to a life of dignity.....

Henny & Simon in
the South: Eilat,
Arava / Negev


Irene in Karmiel (Galilee)


Irene and her husband lead a congregation that reaches out to the Russian speaking Jewish community in Karmiel. Russian immigrants

are often among the poorer

people in Israel. For the

elderly it is hard to learn

the language.

Irene leads a strong

ministry among women to

help them keep their babies

and not abort them.

Koresh supports this ministry

doing such excellent work!


Irene and her husband run a local storehouse for clothes, 

baby clothes, etc. which is fulfilling a great local need in that community.

Yossi and his wife lead a congregation also in Karmiel for many years. They serve in particular the Jewish community and have an active program to help the needy with food and clothing. Above all they reach out to the pregnant women that are doubting to do abortion or not and stand by them in order to save the babies. Koresh supports their work.

Yossi in Karmiel (Galilee)

Food parcels waiting to be


Simon & Henny (born in Friesland (Netherlands) made aliyah in August 2010 aliyah together with their 4 little children determined to obey the calling from God to help the needy people in Israel. They ended up in Eilat.


Through the Israeli Koresh Welfare Foundation they are able to offer super-market and pharmacy vouchers to single mothers and needy people. Together they do house calls to these needy people, give instruction on how to run a tight household budget etc. They also offer rides to people that cannot go to the doctor or hospital otherwise.

The number of single parent families being supported through Koresh on average is 14 families.


Henny & Simon run a storehouse for clothes, toys, diapers etc., much to the joy of the local (needy) people who quickly found their way to this depot.

The transport of a large shipment from Holland was partly financed by the Nachamu foundation and the rest by Koresh.


Henny is furthermore very actively involved in Pro-Life work. The local hospital and social service advise pregnant women that are doubting their abortion to take up contact with Koresh i.e. Henny. 

Thank God for the 10 cases so far (September 2014) of women that have accepted the help offered and dared to take the step to keep their baby. These mothers ended up loving their baby very much and are very thankful for the help given. 


The tangible help that Koresh offers is: giving all of the items that a newborn baby needs for free (baby stroller, bed, clothes, diapers etc.).

All these items are purchased with the  generous help of the believers in the country of Holland as well as in other nations (f.e Finland, the USA, Switzerland and more...). The intangible part is just as important, such as: listening, offering another view point, helping hands......


Furthermore, Henny & Simon are the representatives of the Ebenezer foundation and help newly arrived immigrants in Eilat getting settled.



Help paint the Homes of Holocaust Survivors and Needy People


Koresh sends out 3 to 4 teams of volunteers per year to help paint homes of people who otherwise could not afford to paint their homes, to fix things around the house, etc.  

The volunteers pay their own way and their own lodging. They work for one week and after the week are free to do what they want. Maybe they wish to visit other parts of Israel together, maybe they want to travel on their own.


This work is extremely rewarding and very, very much appreciated by the local people here!


Wish to join on such a trip, please ocntact us!

Attention:  Make sure you have your own health insurance!!

Paint Work in Homes of
  Holocaust Survivors              (Eilat)

Foundations Koresh Selah International est'd in Holland and Koresh Welfare Israel is est'd in Israel

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