PHOTO REPORTS of different KORESH TEAMS reaching out ISRAEL

Koresh Israel Tour 2011

A Koresh Team consisting of Tomas Sagstrom, Eric and Tanja Lagerstrom as well as the Hearts United Choir came to Israel during May 2011.


They did concerts throughout the country, such as in Karmiel (North), Tiberias and Eilat (Souh).


This faithful supporters of Koresh made it possible for the musicians and speaker to come to Israel. May the God of Israel bless them for this!



Koresh Israel Tour 2012

Eric and Tanja Lagerstrom, Tomas Sagstrom and the Hearts United Choir came to Israel and performed for the Israeli people, in old people's homes, on the beaches of Tel Aviv and Eilat.


Again it was the people of Holland that made it possible for the musicians to come and encourage Gods people, to comfort them and let them know that God loves them and that they love them.

We thank God and we thank you for your prayers and support which made all this possible!!

EILAT TOUR 7-14 Dec. 2013.​

The Koresh EILAT TOUR from 7-14 Nov. was a GREAT, GREAT success!! Eric, Tanja, Tomas, Iwan and Joel were mightily used by God and touched the hearts of the Israelis. They did concerts for young people at the high school "Begin College" for elderly and for holocaust survivors. It was so heart warming, the people just loved them.......


By the way: all the Koresh music team mem-bers received a Certificate of Appreciation calling  them "Good Will Ambassadors for Israel" and

signed by Uzi Landau, Minister of Tourism !!

February 2016

A group of volunteers from the Netherlands came to Eilat to work in the homes of Holocaust Survivors. 

They painted walls, they fixed lamps, fixed the cabling around a room, etc.


This lovely old gentleman wished for a telephone by his bedside. He was so happy to now have a new telephone by his bed and it works!


The workers are all volunteers, the material is paid for by Koresh. Volunteers pay their own way and lodging, so it is a BIG sacrifice.

After working for one week, they all said it was worth it and they all wish to come and do this again....!!

May 2016


A large group of Danish and Dutch young people came to Eilat as volunteers to help paint homes of underpriviledged people.


After 6 days of working hard they will stay one more week to enjoy the Red Sea!!

THE November 2016 GROUP

February 2017

Group members receive a Certifi-cate of Appreciation from the State of Israel, signed by Minister Levin.

Groups of volunteers come 3x per year.

This is an important ministry in blessing Israel! It is much, much appreciated among the local people!

Homes in Eilat where the

volunteers have painted walls,

fixed what was broken etc.

Foundations Koresh Selah International est'd in Holland and Koresh Welfare Israel is est'd in Israel

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