Traveler for God



Tomas has a traveling ministry, regularly accompanied by his wife, Josien. Their home base is in the Netherlands (though Tomas is a Swede by birth) yet Tomas travels through Europe, Israel and actually the whole world for his ministry. 


Tomas is not only a well known and gifted speaker who also plays the violin, he is also an excellent networker and helper when it comes to problem-solving which quality he acquired during years of serving as the director of the V&A discipleship training school for young people.



Tomas Sagstrom



Two to three time per year Tomas comes to Israel (sometimes with Josien) to do free concerts together with Eric & Tanja. Tomas is well introduced in Israel and they experience a warm welcome to places

where normally no stranger or foreigner can enter. Think of their concerts

in high schools and hospitals a,o, in Eilat.


Apart from Israel, Tomas can also be found in Sweden, in areas around

the North Pole and for the example in Portugal, the U.S.A. and others



Regarding his income Tomas is partly dependent upon sponsoring

otherwise he could not go.


Foundations Koresh Selah International est'd in Holland and Koresh Welfare Israel is est'd in Israel

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